Happy New Year!

Thank you all for your support in 2010. It was a year of growth for me. Voluntarily leaving a major recording label and being involved with a few dirt bags really took a toll on me. I made every effort to work on my album and hold my life together, but things just got too heavy. I stopped recording and moved to Atlanta to escape everything for a little while. After returning home and spending a lot of time to myself, reflecting, the clouds slowly started to break. You were patient with me during my absences and I appreciate that!

I grew not only as a person, but also as a songwriter, vocalist and artist. The album I'm releasing is truly straight from my heart! I have fabricated nothing. I'm simply telling my unadulterated story over major and minor chords. There is enough disposable music floating through the airwaves, so I don't feel it necessary to contribute in that way. My intent is to make music that will last and most importantly, make you feel again. Contrary to what seems to be the general consensus amongst 18-30 year olds, it's okay to feel!

Now that I'm recording again, all is seemingly well. I'm so comfortable with myself and excited about where my career is headed. It's still a process though. Drudging up the difficult memories I sing about on this album to get good, honest vocal takes has proven to be a little mentally exhausting. But I'm keeping the bigger picture in mind, so it's totally worth the trouble. My goal is that this album helps someone to avoid a potentially heartbreaking situation or comfort someone who's currently 'going through'. And based on the feedback I've received from you all so far, that goal is already being met. I love it.

I really appreciate you all for your support. I'm here now, working and not stopping. Great things are in store. As I continue to grow and reach my goals this year, I pray you do the same!